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 Art. 13,14 DSGVO

V O N   W I E N S K O W S K I

T T O R N E Y   A T   L A W


Preliminary advice

For a first verbal consultation in which your legal matter is discussed and a preliminary evaluation is given with respect to the necessary legal proceedings and the chances of success , € 150,00 plus VAT* will be charged.


All litigation work will be invoiced either on the basis of the German Lawyers´ Fees Act ( Rechtsanwaltsvergütungsgesetz RVG) or a fee agreement. The amount charged depends on the value of the matter in litigation.
Before any litigation work is started, you will be given a comprehensive assessment regarding the financial risks of any legal action.

Consulting Service

All work beyond lititgation can be also charged on the basis of the time requirement. This however makes a preliminary agreement necessary in which the rate is specified.
Depending on the subject and the importance of the legal matter rates range between € 200,00 to € 300,00 plus VAT*.

On an long-term basis flat-rate arrangements with monthly payments may be convenient for you if legal questions arise regularly . Don’t hesitate inquire about this option.

*VAT is only charged if the client has a subsidiary in Germany and pays from it's account or is a comsumer.